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This course will provide an introduction to the structure, function and evolution of living organisms, on their three main levels of organization: cells, organisms and populations. It will develop a functional understanding of life sciences, the interrelatedness of their various scientific disciplines, and the various interactions of science, technology and society. The students will not only learn about their biological universe, but also develop an attitude of inquiry and critical thinking. Basic knowledge of the didactics and history of biology and the philosophy of science will also be introduced.



Room change! Starting Thursday, January 19, 2012 the Biology Class will take place in Room #221.

Some of the classes (which involve lab work, use of computer software or multimedia presentations) may also take place at different locations. Please check this website again later for further information.


Here you can download the syllabus for this biology class. (Adobe Reader required. You can download and install it from here.)

Dates to Remember:

Here are some important dates you may want to remember:

  • TBA: Mid-Term
  • TBA: Study days
  • TBA: Final Paper is due
  • TBA: Final Exam